Do you ever find yourself stuck saying the words “We should get together soon” or “Lets do this more often” ? Well ladies, lets nip it in the bud and try out these fun ladies night ideas that can bring some much needed girl time back into the picture. It can be a challenge creating and maintaining friendships while trying to balance and juggle all the other components of life. Thanks to Plumli I find scheduling events with my girlfriends as simple as a few clicks of a mouse; Not to mention the assistance in finding the females who have similar interests. What’s a ladies night with out other ladies, right?

What you’ll need:

  • Great Friends
  • Common Interest

It’s that simple!

1. Create a Book Club-

Like to read? Let’s take it back to a traditional weeknight activity and make it our own. Not only is this a nice time to bond with the ladies but you will find yourself sneaking a few moments of “me time” a night to do your reading. If you’re like me, this book club idea just became a win, win situation. Discussing with other booklovers is always helpful as well in bringing some fresh and new reads to light that you may not have found otherwise. If you’re wondering how to get this started there is no need to panic, it really is quite simple. For most, it wont even require a trip to the bookstore depending on each readers preference of either hard copy or digital copy. Between Nooks, Kindles, IPads, and Smartphone applications the bookstore is right at the end of our fingertips. Once a book is decided upon set an allotted amount of reading per week and try to meet every week for an hour or so. I recommend that everyone bring either a small dish or refreshment along with an open mind to really delve into the book with others. Worried about finding good books to read? No worries necessary, there are tons of reading lists online to chose from at all reading levels as well. So go ahead, let your reading loving friends know and “put it in the books”.

2. Put your Jewelry Making Hobby to Use-

Not much of a reader? Not a problem! For all you hands on and creative ladies out there, make a Jewelry Club. The term B.Y.O.B now stands for bring your own beads(supplies). Mix and match pieces with your other jewelry making friends to get more variety and uniqueness to your creations while saving your pocket book. This activity can be excellent for many other reasons than simply spending time with some great friends or adding a new piece of flare to your accessories. It also allows for some awesome gift ideas and gets the creative stimulants working in the brain. With the busy season approaching, I recommend putting a date on the calendar and giving your jewelry loving friends a “ring”.

3. Game Night-

Fun times, for all ages. Just recently a friends of mine started having me over for game night. Originally I wasn’t sure that I would become a regular participant until some of the amazing games that I have been missing out on my whole life were brought to light. Don’t let the name fool you as it did me. I am not setting you up for a 3 and a half hour game of monopoly (unless that is your kind of thing). It can be anything, as simple as cards or as challenging as Trivial Pursuit. A great element of a game night is that it is very malleable because there are such a wide variety of games to fit all ages, all people, nearly every demographic. Along with the games as always food does a nice job tying the evening together. I generally like to do dips for game nights, but that is all up to preference. My advice to you gamers, stop being “board” and set up a night full of the fun of your choosing.

4. Have a Cook Off-

If you’re looking for some friendly competition but your not into games, you’ve come to the correct portion of this article. My personal favorite(Naturally of my food loving, competitive nature) in which I call a Cook Off. This is a wonderful way to connect with other ladies who share a love for baking and cooking. A great starter is always a good salsa showdown. Its fresh, fast, and easy! This activity never gets old because of the wide variety of dishes; from cookies to pies and chili to quiche. The options are endless. Some added bonuses, especially with holiday season approaching, its a perfect time to try out new recipes. Also whether you live with your spouse, parents, room mates, significant other, etc., they will look forward to your ladies nights when they get to taste the yummy samples and leftovers. Get in touch with some foodies and set up a time to “bring home some bacon”!

5. In Home Spa Day/Night-

What better bonding time do ladies have than that couple hours every few weeks while getting a pedicure? In home spa puts a whole new spin on relaxing at home with your feet up. First step is to find some ladies who love to pamper and be pampered. You can find many great tips online for  manicures, pedicures, facials and more. This time will leave you feeling not only accomplished and rewarded, but calm and refreshed as well. If you wanted to go above and beyond a meditation area of calm music or sounds and candles full of calming aromas is a great place to stress and relieve the stresses of the week. This also helps build trust and support of one another as friendships should have. The wonderful thing is that by the time you split of cost for any materials needed (after accounting for the ones many ladies have on hand) the cost is exponentially less while getting a lot more. You have just been presented with another “win, win” situation. Warning: Happy women produced here, leaving with a body and mind that feels like a million bucks.


This was just a few ideas to add some fun and help maintain some very important friendships. As always, possibilities are endless and we would love to hear how you do ladies night. Don’t forget to Tweet us! #Plumli #GoodLifeGreatFriends #LadiesNight