Considering the wonderful theme of #ChocolateWeek, I decided to delve into the well known sweet tooth satisfier that children and adults alike have enjoyed for centuries. While watching my daily dose of Food Network today, chocolate was mentioned as an aphrodisiac; talk about guilty pleasures, right? This got me thinking about what other fun facts might help turn my guilty conscious for my love of chocolate into a valid benefit of indulgence. Many people have heard or are aware that chocolate can help reduce cramps during that “time of the month”, but to my surprise it is also good for pregnant woman as well as for the the baby. Women’s Health Magazine brought to light many health benefits that are worth making chocolate a regular in your diet.

Studies show that a chemical called Flavanol, which is found in cocoa and dark chocolates actually increase alertness by widening blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the brain.Chocolate masks are not anything new to the skin world. They help not only to protect from UV rays but results proved skin to be almost 50% less flaky and scaly than before after 12 weeks of the addition of dark chocolate into the diet. You can check out our Twitter, for a link to some great homemade chocolate masks.

With winter coming up if you are anything like me you are running from the notorious cold and flu season along with attempting to maintain the body that you had this summer, I must pass on these two great facts that I found to be very useful. First of all, I for one tend to eat generously more around this time of year. It’s like I am an animal going into hibernation or something. Luckily by eating chocolate, it is proven to lessen cravings for sweet, salty, and fatty foods. If you are working on portioning, try a piece of dark chocolate about 30 minutes before your meal. This will help to reduce the amount of food intake you will need before getting that “full” feeling. Lastly, speaking of cold season while it is important to up your vitamin intake to assist the body in fighting off any “bugs” that may be lurking around, if you do start getting a cough just eat some chocolate and you can call yourself a multipurpose(r) because you have your very own cough reliever. Who knew after all of those excuses I made to sneak in a sweet chocolate treat that I was really benefiting the whole time.

Whether you pair this guilty pleasure with a glass of wine and cheese cubes, or mix it to make a nice warm cup of hot cocoa, you can rest assured that no excuse is needed here. Chocolate really can do more than just make your stomach happy. Go ahead and indulge yourself.

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